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How to do System Error Fix Using Dlltool?

date: 05/30/2014/ | category:Dll | comments:28 Comments

System errors are more often experienced by the users. There are various reasons. One is the registry files missing. When you want to install new programs, you might see that the files that are vital for the installation are not found. Another case is that you keep adding new files to the registry and these files crowd up to result in system errors. Before you decide for System error fix, you need to know how to identify system errors. Slow performance of the computer, lockups of programs, freezing of the system, problems while starting up the system and shutting down the system. You can also find problems while installing hardware devices like printers and failure of hardware is also a symptom.


Manual Method:


System Error Fix methods are available in various formats. You can try a hot fix too. There is also a manual method. Follow these instructions to fix the system error manually.


  • Restart the system. You can see the prompt which tells you to choose the operating system to start.
  • At this stage press the F8 key
  • You need to choose the latest settings you have worked on. You can do this by pressing the down arrow key. You can find the option Last Known Good Configuration.
  • If you use Windows 7 or Vista, then choose the Advanced Boot Options.
  • You need to get the most recent updates for the system. They are available Windows Updates site, the official website of Microsoft.
  • Check for incompatible drivers and uninstall them.


This is the system error fix manual option.



Using DLL Tool:


When manual system error fix option does not work, you need to look for other options immediately. This is because; registry errors are the reasons for system errors. Registry files are source of all programs in Windows. When you use DLL tool to fix the system errors, you can clean the registry files. The DLL tool scans the system to find the source of the errors. Then it finds the sources and fixes the error. Also, it prevents the occurrence of errors in the future.



How to Use DLL Tool?


To use the DLL tool as a system error fix option, you need to download the tool from the official website. Download the tool, install and click run. This way the tool starts working and finding the source of the errors. When you want to download any tool for registry error fixing,

you need to check for the compatibility. DLL tool is compatible with most of the operating systems. It is very efficient because, it performs a deep scan, and thus enables you to get rid of any error. You can also get rid of obsolete entries, registry holes, and other fragments present in the registry files. Defragmenting the registry errors is one of the greatest advantages of using the DLL tool.


It is mandatory to go for system error fix using registry cleaners like DLL tool because even a single error in the registry files lead to very slow performance of the system. Also, make use of the antivirus and antispyware software to prevent your system getting affected from registry or system errors.


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